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Featured in Bees Review (5th March 2016)

Most fans will know that if you cut Harlee Dean he bleeds red, Brentford red.

Recently extending his contract with the Club until the end of the 2017/2018 season and becoming Vice-Captain, Harlee has been instrumental in the success of The Bees over the last few years.

However, what less fans will know is that Dean has a crucial role which is less talked about. And with this position comes great responsibility.

“I’ve been in and out for years but this season with a few people leaving it was time for someone to step up to the decks,” said Harlee Dean, aka DJ Harlee Dean.

“In the past it rotated around with Clayton, Mo and Dougie getting involved. But now I have taken up the challenge.”

With footballers being a fairly superstitious bunch, it’s not surprising that during their promotion winning season music became very important.

“The year we went up we had one mix we listened to for the whole season,” said DJ Dean.

“Everyone knew it off by heart and which song was coming next. Actually Bob (the Kit Logistics Manager) was one of the DJs and he put on a Colin Francis mix – and that was it for the whole season. There was even one song that had to be played when we were walking out to the tunnel.”

Now Dean is king of the beats, I asked him to name the songs which have been rocking the Griffin Park changing room this season.

Impossible – Jax Jones Remix
This is a high tempo club tune and one that the boys like. It’s a bit clubby and gets people in the right mood before kick-off. No, we don’t dance, we take matches seriously but it’s just a good track to get people’s energy up.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing – Kanye West
This is from the movie, The Hangover. I chucked it in the playlist because it’s a good song and seems to do the job. Actually it was probably our hangover song when we went to Vegas after getting promoted to the Championship. Vegas was unbelievable, everyone was there and I think only Adam Forshaw missed out. It was amazing celebrating together and it was the first time many of the boys had been there. It was special. I think socialising as a team is important, this season we had the Christmas do but that was cut short because there was a development game. We haven’t had as many socials as you would have hoped for but they are tied in with good results and we haven’t had as many of them as we would have hoped for either.

679 - Fetty Wap
This is one of Alan Judge’s favourites, and if you know the song you wouldn’t really think it would be. But whenever he is in there he always asks for that to go on. He sings along and gives everyone a laugh. To be honest, without him this season we would be up against it. It is unfair recently how much pressure there is on him, he is the only one consistently producing at the minute. Hopefully he gets to the Euros because I think he deserves to be there. He has been one of the best players in the Championship this season, if not the best.

Chunky - Format: B
This is another club tune that the boys like. Judgey says that I have the biggest head in the league which could be a link to this track, as long as it is not a reference to my waist! I personally think that there are a few bigger heads in the league – it just looks big to Judgey because he is so little. I’ve made a living from heading the ball – so I’m glad I’ve got a big head really. When I was at Dagenham and Redbridge – I was just a head on a stick. You can ask Sam Saunders who was also there. I am still trying to grow into my head now. Heading is going out the game a bit but the Rotherham game proved that you still need to be prepared for a physical battle.

Digital Dash - Drake
Sam Saunders is a fan of Drake, he pretends he knows the words and just mumbles, but he does the little shuffle in Digital Dash. I was 16 when I first met Sam at Dagenham and Redbridge and when I came to Brentford he put me straight under his wing and now we live down the same road. He is one of my best friends and I think we will always be best friends, even if he is A LOT older than me.

And what about, say, the Spice Girls?
Another teammate Harlee had a close relationship with was James Tarkowski – who, rumour has it, risked his credibility to play Spice Girls on the team bus.

“I don’t think I was there then but it doesn’t surprise me,” said Harlee. “Tarky was quite a weird character and just did what he wanted to do and played what he fancied. We saw each other last Saturday and we are still very good friends.”

“Tarkowski saw his future somewhere else but I know Brentford is for me. Although it feels like we have taken a step back this season we are a Club with ambition and that is why I wanted to stay. I believe we will get to the Premier League and when the stadium is built I will enjoy playing in it. Since I’ve come here the fans have taken to me and I love playing for them – that’s also been vital in my decision to stay.”

So to the disappointment of aspiring Bees DJs, it doesn’t look like Dean is going to leave a space in the Brentford Music Department for a little while yet.

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